Some things are meant to be unseen. Unfortunately, Anna doesn’t have that luxury. She sees everything.

When she is approached by a man in a suit asking her to join a team of similarly ‘gifted’ teenagers, Anna hesitated. After joining she deeply regretted her decision to combine her fate with a bunch of jerks.

Dustin is bossy, strict, and can control his molecular density. Erin is a spoiled brat, who literally knows everything there is to know about the universe if she stares at it long enough. Ethan is a jerk from head to toe, who  can multiply himself, annoyingly enough. Tyler is twelve, and has the ability to run at a speed of up 200 miles an hour.

The authorities are training the five of them hard, but no one will tell them why.

When a problem surfaces with Anna’s sight, it throws everything out of balance, and could cost the life of the entire Vertex team. It’s also the biggest clue they’ve got to figure out their objective and save the world.


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