Rage And Mercy

On a moonless night, 17 year-old DreamWalker Patrol Officer Adalynn Rubin woke up to find her brother covered in blood.

Despite Blake’s assurance that ‘everything is fine’ and his lack of injuries, Adalynn determines to find out what happened. Especially when the Seat of Power shows up in the small town of Ponton, to ‘handle things’. People are going missing, and just when Adalynn thinks she couldn’t possibly keep one more secret, her best friend and patrol partner is found dead, washed up on the shore of the lake. Now nothing could keep Adalynn from the truth.

But the truth is worse than she ever could have imagined. Blake’s attack on the Zantia Temple, a Lunare stronghold, threatens the tentative peace the Lunare and DreamWalkers live under. Stuck between her loyalties to old friends, and her hatred for her enemies Adalynn must make a choice. Turning in Blake will condemn him to death, but proving his innocence would shatter the DreamWalker society, and leave them vulnerable to the dark powers of the Lunare.


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