Quest For The Diamond Star

Beasts rule the East. Only the Shirkut River and a perpetual battle at The Divide keep them from taking the Kingdom and storming the Opal Palace.

Hope arrives at the last minute in the form of the elusive Diamond Star. The stakes are high, but so are the risks. Only the Eldest Daughter of the King can safely wield the Diamond Star, but an unfortunate indiscretion on the part of the late King throws the fate of all in the balance. Only the King’s right hand Knight knew about the child, Ikira, and raised her as his own. Now it’s time for the truth. Ikira doesn’t want to be the Savior, and the current King Eyun doesn’t need her to undercut his deceased father, and his sister. But the fate of the people outweighs their egos.

A journey through the thickest part of beast territory will reveal everyone’s true character.


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